Handmade Soaps

Our bars of soap are designed to be luxurious and highly moisturizing. Many people that are sensitive to other soaps love our bars for their lower ph balance and how gentle and soothing they are on the skin. We also create bars for oily skin.
Karmela Botanica soaps are made with pure high quality oils and colors with a wide variety of botanicals and spices. No dyes are used. The reason our bars smell so vivid and just like what we say they are is because we ALWAYS use pure essential oils…EVERY time!
Additionally, our bars are vegan except where otherwise noted. In case you wondered our soaps are great for your pets too! Our dogs enjoy a good bar at bath time, particularly the Cedar or Rosemary Mint…they are super moisturizing for their coat and make them smell terrific!
Our soaps are designed with love to delight the senses while getting you squeaky clean!

No matter how tempting…don’t eat the soap!

1 Bar $8.50 | 3 Bars = $8.00 each | 12 Bars = $6.00 each!
Yes…you may mix and match bars by choosing the Mixed Bar Options!
Approximate average bar size is 5.4 oz.